The Results of Haight Bey’s CPARs Evaluation: “This is just another example of subject matter expertise and follow through at its best.”

Author: Reggie Hall

Date: 7 September 2018

Haight Bey recently underwent a contractor performance assessment required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR Part 42.15). The assessment measures a contractor’s performance and provides a record on a specified contract during a specified period of time. Source selection officials rely on clear and timely evaluations of contractor performance to make informed business decisions when awarding government contracts and orders. This information is critical to ensuring that the Federal government only does business with companies that provide quality products and services in support of the agency’s missions. The CPARS process is designed with a series of checks-and-balances to facilitate the objective and consistent evaluation of contractors current and past performance.

Our Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract provides Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), System Spares, System Repairs, Contract Data Requirements Listing (CDRL) documentation, Transition Plan, Travel (as directed by the Government), Shipping (as cost reimbursable), and Transition Services for the AN/TMQ-53 Tactical Meteorological Observing System (TMOS). Haight Bey received exceptional ratings for quality, schedule, and management. Below are some examples of our exceptional performance:

Quality: As a testament to our Contract Logistics Support (CLS) consistency, Operational Availability (Ao) was consistently above 98%. The operation users benefit by assured data access and less systems outages and maintenance for a system which is deployed, in some cases, to remote and dangerous locations. Contract Data Requirements Listings (CDRLs) for Risk Management Framework (RMF) process superbly assisted Government Cyber/PM representatives in completing both the RMF Security Plan and security control assessments. Plus, the Help Desk received 100% positive feedback from users.

Schedule: Our performance meets contractual requirements and exceeds many to the Government’s benefits. In fact, Haight Bey achieved 100% on repairs and on-time shipment delivery rates. Repairs were 100 percent completed for all delivery orders, and all the on-time shipment performance exceeded the government’s 85% rate requirement.

Management: Without being requested by the government, we found a cost saving solution to a known capability issue between new and old equipment. In addition, Haight Bey developed a means to update the firmware and software configuration profile of data loggers to make them compatible with all temperature and humidity problems. Because of this innovative solution, we extended the lifecycle of data loggers and helped the Government save $290,000 in spares.

Regulatory Compliance: Haight Bey’s proactive willingness to modernize the organizational Quality Management System (QMS) to the latest standard underlines our consistent commitment to quality and compliance with the federal regulations and standards. No mishaps occurred during the period and on OSHA, ITAR, or DFARS noncompliance items were noted.

Customer Comment: “This is just another example of subject matter expertise and follow through at its best, I’ve been calling the same service number since I was a young SrA out at Grafenwoehr, Germany and this team has never let me down!”

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