Haight Bey & Associates has over three decades of experience performing engineering and mission support for private, state, and Federal government data dissemination and cybersecurity systems. Our customer’s response and positive feedback serve as a daily reminder as to why our technical competence is paramount.
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High Standards of Service

We attribute our success in Engineering Services directly to our technical capability and subsequent support of mission critical systems. We employ only the best technicians and then hold each one to an extremely high service standard. It is not uncommon to find HB&A technical staff working long after their shift ends, to ensure we get to talk live to our customers across the state or around the world. This extra effort helps ensure our customer’s problems are fully resolved, leaving them completely satisfied and confident in our service capability.

Our technical support team is comprised of industry experts in Logistics, Engineering (electrical/mechanical), Cybersecurity, Systems test, systems design, installation, and maintenance. We staff a full service, dedicated Helpdesk which provides real time telephone and email support to various industries worldwide. This United States-based Helpdesk can be tailored to meet any industry need; from “as-needed” roll-over support, to a 24/7/365 model.

We can help any organization develop a technical support or helpdesk solution that will help increase your systems’ operational availability, as well as increase your organization’s internal and external customer satisfaction. Additionally, our tailored technical service model imparts our staff’s sense of ownership of your product or service, while maintaining full transparency to all service activities. This approach will ensure that your customer receives only the best technical support possible from knowledgeable and attentive staff.

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