Haight Bey & Associates LLC (HB&A), is a small, veteran minority owned business and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Born from Haight & Associates Inc. incorporated in Juneau, Alaska, Aliahu “Alli” Bey established the Utah division, Haight Bey & Associates LLC. in the spring of 2014. Having provided professional engineering services to the southeast region of Alaska for the past 34 years, Haight Bey & Associates LLC. continues this proud and established tradition of family and quality first in our commercial and government offerings.

Haight Bey & Associates is a service-focused organization that for the past 34 years has specialized in industrial, commercial, and government systems sustainment and most recently cybersecurity engineering solutions.  We also provide electrical, mechanical, and civil, engineering, design, and services through our associated network of engineers and engineering firms.

 Our diverse and flexible team is experienced in a multitude of service offerings including:

We pride ourselves in being quality driven, customer-oriented and product-agnostic: we do not promote or sell products that will not bring an inherent value to our customers. Some of our most successful projects have involved “turn-key” solutions requiring strong alliances between all internal and external stakeholders and team members.

The Haight Bey & Associates family currently employs staff of eighteen professionals, including professional electrical engineers, Systems and Cybersecurity engineers, engineering interns, field and depot technicians, and administrative staff. As needed, HB&A will call on associated engineers to augment our staff to ensure that we can always provide exceptional service at a highly competitive rate.

We have decades of experience coordinating engineering and sustainment services for US Department of Defense (DoD) systems; 17 years of those years include cybersecurity activities.  Most of our staff hold advanced or culminating degrees in their fields and inactive security clearances.  Some of the industry and cybersecurity certifications our employees hold include:

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