TotemTM is your small-business IT security plan and assessment management tool.

Haight Bey & Associates is excited and proud to introduce Totem, a security assessment tool built and priced specifically for small businesses.

Whether you know it or not, your organization has cybersecurity requirements. If your organization deals with sensitive information like health care, financial, or government data, or if you process virtually any information at all about European citizens, there are requirements to protect that information. And even if you don’t process those types of data, the well-being of your organization requires protection of your IT assets from hackers that just want to extort money from you, as is the case with the ransomware attacks that have been so prevalent.

The best way to ensure your organization is at low risk for cybersecurity compromise is to perform a general security assessment. And now there is a tool that will guide you through such an assessment: Totem. We use Totem ourselves, and empower our clients to use it themselves on a continuous basis.

Totem is built upon the US National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-171 standard for the Protection of Controlled Unclassified Information. This cybersecurity standard was developed to help US Department of Defense contractors assess their internal cybersecurity posture. However, the 800-171 standard is applicable to all industry sectors. In our opinion, it’s the most robust cybersecurity standard out there because not only does it include the same requirements for security as other industry standards, some you might be familiar with such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2, but 800-171 takes things a step further by providing specific action items—specific instructions on implementing best practices–for an organization to take to bolster its cybersecurity.

Totem is a cloud-based tool, meaning that you interface through a web browser over a secure link to a hardened server. Application security best practices have been built into the tool, so your sensitive data is always protected.

Totem is a “one-stop shop” where you manage your organization’s security policies and implementation details, compliance status, and risk management activities all in one tool. While similar tools start at 10s of thousands of dollars annually, and can range well over one hundred thousand dollars, we’ve built Totem specifically for small business budgets, and it’s an order of magnitude less expensive than those other tools. Your organization needs to perform a security assessment, but you don’t want to manage security through dozens of spreadsheets and emails. Give Totem a try. We offer a free 30-day trial for you to explore the tool and discover its benefits.

For pricing and to setup a Totem account for your business, please contact Haight Bey & Associates at [email protected], or by phone at (888) 379-0509.