Our team is highly experienced in providing installation services for a wide range of weather-related products from Radar systems, Tactical, Mobile, and Fixed-Based weather systems, as well as Road Weather Information Systems on roadways and runways. Our organization holds factory certifications to maintain and install Motorola Land Mobile Radio stations and repeaters. If it is a new system installation, retrofit of an existing platform, or system sustainment services such as scheduled/unscheduled maintenance or repair, Haight Bey can do it.

Field Service

System Installations

The Haight Bey team has over 30 years in the installation of precision electrical and instrumentation systems throughout the United States. We have installed data collection and environmental sensing systems in the mountain ranges of Alaska to the sandy beaches of Florida. These environments each bring their own considerable challenges to be overcome, but the team at Haight Bey enjoys these challenges. With our vast experience working with Federal, State, and Local governments Haight Bey is uniquely qualified to take on any field service project.

Rapid Deployment, Long-Term Support

The field service technicians at Haight Bey can rapidly deploy to provide on-site technical service and support throughout the continental United States, including Alaska. We work with our customers to determine fair and affordable on-site services that are tailored to their unique system requirements and built around the customer’s specified criteria. Whether it is an on-site response time requirement for emergency visits, or rapid response to correct system outages, the Haight Bey team will endeavor to find a solution to meet our customer’s needs.

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