Can your network infrastructure stand up against a cyber-attack? For many companies, the answer is no. In fact, cyber risk has increased significantly for businesses over the past year. These risks have the potential to compromise sensitive information, steal money, commit fraud, and disable legitimate access. With the current cybersecurity landscape, an effective risk mitigation strategy requires the right people with the right skills. The experienced professionals at Haight Bey & Associates provide custom cybersecurity solutions that can help you stay ahead of cyber attackers and protect critical company and customer information.

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Our top-tier security team will proactively identify security weaknesses and implement the right security solutions before hackers can exploit them. Thanks to our real-world experience and holistic approach, our integrated cyber security framework provides stronger risk mitigation and faster response times to security threats.

Whether you’re a DoD contractor, medical and dental office, CPA, or financial institutions, our active approach to security will help keep your existing system safe while delivering quick breach detection and remediation. Don’t continue to be vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Protect your business from the most prevalent and dangerous security threats with Haight Bey.

The Haight Bey and Associates engineering team has decades of experience in the following information System and Cybersecurity disciplines:

We at Haight Bey understand that cybersecurity is about IT risk management, and the cost-effective use of limited resources to solve IT security problems. We can help you wade through the often hazy world of cybersecurity compliance to reach your business goals.

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