Field service

Field Maintenance and Installation Services

Our team is highly experienced in providing installation services for a wide range of products from Radar systems to Land Mobile Radio stations and repeaters. We offer scheduled or unscheduled maintenance on systems around the US.

Depot Maintenance Repair

Depot Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Service

Our team has a proven history of conducting electronic and mechanical repairs to OEM specifications and ensuring that any repaired equipment is compatible and properly configured for a customer’s needs. At Haight Bey we pride ourselves on the relationships we have fostered with various OEMs, which gives us unparalleled access to anything from spare parts, factory level repair training, calibration, and even preferred pricing.

boxes of spare laptops

Warehousing and Logistic Support

Haight Bey provides logistics support for commercial and DOD customers around the world. Our logistics team can provide same day shipment of material to destinations around the globe. Our expertise includes facilitating commercial and MIL-AIR shipments, RFID and IUID creation labeling and uploading to the national registry, as well as product code harmonization to the final destination.

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Whether you’re a DoD contractor, medical and dental office, CPA, or financial institutions, our active approach to security will help keep your existing system safe while delivering quick breach detection and remediation. Don’t continue to be vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Protect your business from the most prevalent and dangerous security threats with Haight Bey.

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help desk

Help Desk Services

Our technical support team is comprised of industry experts in Logistics, Engineering (electrical/mechanical), Cybersecurity, Systems test, systems design, installation, and maintenance. We staff a full service, dedicated Helpdesk which provides real time telephone and email support to various industries worldwide. This United States-based Helpdesk can be tailored to meet any industry need; from “as-needed” roll-over support, to a 24/7/365 model.

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