Employee Spotlight: Kevin Rice


Author: Kaijah Bey

Date: 02 October 2018

Kevin Rice has been working as a Haight Bey and Associates team member since day one. He is another one of the HB&A employees who was previously worked with our CEO, Alli Bey, under another company from 2010-2014. Kevin’s main responsibility here at the Haight Bey office is to support our help desk (Connie) by providing troubleshooting and technical assistance to customers worldwide. He also routinely travels in support of USAF operations Haight Bey has been contracted to perform in and around Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.

One of Kevin’s favorite aspects of working here at Haight Bey and Associates is the multitude of opportunities there are to help people – customers as well as fellow employees. He loves to teach our customers how to use the equipment we supply to them and enjoys collaborating with his coworkers to work toward providing the best possible products and services.

Akin to previous interviewees, Kevin told me that Haight Bey differs from other workplaces because his personal success is held in high regard by both his supervisor and boss. While other bigger businesses may see him as just another paycheck to sign off on, Kevin feels like he is genuinely seen and appreciated by his superiors.

As usual, my final question centered around hobbies and favorite activities outside of the workplace. Kevin had a lot to say on this topic. He went on to explain how much he loves to listen to music, all types of music. Though he leans more toward “independent rock”, as he described it. He mentioned being excited to see the Utah Symphony perform Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy”. Kevin loves to see the Symphony when he gets the chance, ideally he would like to be  a season pass holder so he could see all their performances.

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