Haight Bey & Associates, LLC (HB&A) is a small, Minority Veteran-owned and certified ISO 9001:2015, engineering service company based in West Haven, UT. We are focused on delivering exceptional and cost-effective engineering solutions, including technical and logistic services to our customers worldwide.

Haight Bey team on shop floor

HB&A was launched in 2014 by our founder and CEO Aliahu “Alli” Bey. Alli had nearly 20 years of experience in Project and Program Management when he decided that an organization ran by himself could compete at a prime level and he had faith that his team could do it better, faster, and cheaper than the organizations he had spent decades working under. After securing a loan from a family member and utilizing an existing family company Haight & Associates (based out of Juneau, Alaska) to branch off of, Alli spent 14 months writing proposals and perfecting his companies pitch. In July of 2015, Alli landed the organizations first prime contract which was for sustainment of a Tactical Meteorological Observing System. This was a large contract in which all had spent multiple years developing strong relationships with the various OEM’s that provided the key components to the system.

The HB&A Team has now grown to over 20 professional and technical team members with decades of combined experience providing direct sustainment support and technical services in the form of depot and filed repair functions for a variety of customers worldwide. We are currently the prime contractor for several USAF systems and our portfolio grows more and more each year.

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