Haight Bey Awarded FBWOS Sustainment Contract

I started Haight Bey & Associates in 2014 after literally years of pipe-dreaming of the different ways I could generate an income for myself while also doing what I enjoy. I know that most people may not find weather system sustainment enjoyable, however I find great pride in extending the lifecycle and usefulness of mission critical systems. Along that same line of thinking I see the value that accurate and consistent observations of our environment can have on society. As Americans, I think it is easy for us to overlook the blue-collar folk that keep systems running long after the excitement of something new has dwindled. Engineering of a new system or feature to an existing system is fun and exciting, ensuring that the new system continues to operate and perform to the original design specifications can be mundane and sometimes boring. Our organization does not see the boring or mundane–we see prolonged equipment life, and operations that ensure a higher return on investment for our customers. This vision allows us to proudly continue our growth through system sustainment capability.

I am honored to announce that Haight Bey & Associates LLC. has been awarded a Firm Fixed Price 5 year IDIQ contract to support and sustain the US Air Force Global Strike Command’s (AFGSC) Fixed Based Weather Observing System (FBWOS). These systems are located at Missile Alert Facilities around the northern Rocky Mountains. The scope of this effort includes sustaining current and future weather sensors for multiple weather flight’s equipment maintenance, replacement and upgrades. This service will include Periodic Maintenance Inspections (PMI), annual calibration of the sensors, other site upkeep, and responding to emergency equipment outages to provide repair actions. Additional responsibilities include performing system enhancements as necessary (design, development, integration, and implementation) to ensure that various sensors, installed hardware, and software are supportable, compatible, and satisfactory to provide high quality sensor readings including full and timely transfer of data for the life of the system.


Written By:

Aliahu “Alli” Bey – President / Program Director

Haight Bey & Associates