Haight Bey & Associates LLC x UC San Diego: A Presentation of Haight Bey’s First Cybersecurity Internship Opportunity

In my blog post Piloting Haight Bey & Associates’ First Internship Experience, I summarized my accomplishments as the first “Cybersecurity Technician Intern” at Haight Bey & Associates LLC (HBA). At the end of this blog, I briefly mentioned how I will be sharing my overall experience with my colleagues at UC San Diego. This upcoming October 4th of 2017, I will join over fifty computer-science/computer-engineering undergraduates in presenting our internships from this past summer to faculty and other members of our department. To prepare for this on-campus event, I created a poster that provides:

i) A condensed list outlining my technical achievements
ii) New technologies I utilized for completing different tasks
iii) Perks and benefits of working for HBA
iv) Connections between my studies at UC San Diego and the projects I completed for HBA

Since I am the only student whose internship focused on a cybersecurity role, I am very excited to elaborate why I decided to pursue this type of experience and how I plan to seek a career in the cybersecurity industry after graduating in 2018. I have provided an image of the poster below for those who cannot or do not wish to attend the presentation. For more information on when and where this event will occur, click here.

Jim H Lee
Haight Bey & Associates Cybersecurity Technician; Computer-Science Undergraduate @ UC San Diego

Haight Bey & Associates