Employee Spotlight: Rew Wiley


Author: Kaijah Bey

Date: 29 August 2018  

Rew Wiley is the product shipping manager here at Haight Bey and Associates and has been since the beginning in 2015. Similar to Connie, Rew worked with Alli Bey under the same company from 2010 to 2014. Rew takes care of all products being shipped both in and out of the HB&A facility, warehouses them, and ensures the accuracy of each invoice that he sends along with each outgoing package. Rew could be considered the grandfather of the office because of his caring nature and laid back approach to daily life here at Haight Bey and Associates.

Mr.Wiley tends to keep to himself throughout the workday. Upon being asked about what he considers to be his favorite aspect of working at HB&A he told me that he loves how much freedom he has thanks to the fact that Haight Bey is a small business. Another aspect of work that he mentioned is his fondness for how little effort is required to get along with his fellow HB&A team members.

Prior to being a HB&A team member, Rew was employed at big corporations where the large amount of coworkers made it difficult to have regular, meaningful one-on-one time with the boss. “In other places you’re just a number,” he told me during our interview. Alternatively, here at the Haight Bey office, Rew has access to his boss, Alli Bey, at almost any time and they interact with each other similar to how a pair of old pals might. Rew may be laid back, but he will not hesitate arm wrestle his boss or jump out from behind a wall in an attempt to startle him.

My final interview question for Rew was what he indulges in during spare time outside of work. “Whatever my wife tells me,” he said initially with a hearty chuckle. He then went on to detail all of the volunteer work he does within the local community. Rew seemingly never takes a break; he works with Veterans of Foreign Wars, boys scouts and volunteers at a young men’s group home twice a week. “We (he and his wife) go in on Sunday and teach a non-denominational Sunday school lesson and then on Wednesdays we go in and play games that you would play as a kid,” he explained to me. On top of all the community work, Rew also cares for 50 chickens, dabbles in a bit of Dutch oven cooking and quilts with his wife. “Well, I piece. My wife quilts and I piece,” he tells me as his closing statement with another hearty, chuckle.

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