Employee Spotlight: Reggie Hall


Author: Kaijah Bey

Date: 12 September 2018

Reggie Hall was recruited on to the Haight Bey and Associates team in 2017 to be our business development director. In his words, “my job is to find opportunities to grow Haight Bey’s service offerings and revenue.” It is his responsibility to ensure that Haight Bey continues to branch out to more customers. Reggie is a cheerful and optimistic man who loves his job, which is what makes him such an effective business development director.

Reggie summed up being a part of the Haight Bey team as, “crazy cool.” I asked him to explain his word choice and he gladly did. So, a little bit of backstory; being a military brat, Reggie has loved The United States for as long as he can remember. By the time he was ten, Reggie decided that he was going to join the military to defend the country that he loves so much. “Someone has to do it, and I was happy to do it,” he elaborated. For almost 28 years, Reggie put his heart and soul into serving in the U.S. Air Force. Once he retired from the Air Force, he started his own business. However, he soon realized that he was not finding a sense of satisfaction. He wanted to contribute to something bigger than himself. So, upon meeting Alli Bey and being hired as a HB&A team member, Reggie told me that he was finally able to find that satisfaction he so strongly desired. “I love the culture, the work environment, the people, and the mission; plus, we are really good at what we do!” And that’s what makes his job so “crazy cool.”

Similar to my previous two interviewees, Reggie loves that Haight Bey is a small business. “It really is a family, you can tell that everybody cares about each other and supports each other,” he told me. Reggie appreciates how authentic Haight Bey and Associates is. “It’s laid back without being too lax. I look forward to coming to work each day, I get to work with a great people who do great work and have fun doing it; how cool is that?!”

When Reggie isn’t at the office, he spends his time working out, cheering on the Broncos, and running his kids around to their activities. And like any professional business man, he enjoys a game of golf from time to time. “I like to play golf. Poorly, but I like it,” he told me with a lighthearted grin.

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