At Haight Bey our systems engineering approach focuses on how to design and manage complex hardware and software systems over their unique life cycles. We specialize in the coordination of different stake holders, team members and vendors to deliver proven system design, development, improvement, and maintenance.

Logistics and Inventory Management

Haight Bey provides logistics support for commercial and DOD customers around the world. Our logistics team can provide same day shipment of material to destinations around the globe. Our expertise includes facilitating commercial and MIL-AIR shipments, RFID and IUID creation labeling and uploading to the national registry, as well as product code harmonization to the final destination.

Our team provides true up to the hour management of customer inventory, while in motion and at rest. Our inventory management process includes methodologies which provide a hands on physical verification of material on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis, as well as electronic tracking as the material moves through our shipping and receiving process.

Haight Bey also works to incorporate industry best practices and ISO 9000 compliance for inventory management and control to include: inventory segregation, product identification, product calibration tracking, and warranty management. Our warehousing processes are designed to manage both serviceable and unserviceable customer inventories alike; thereby making us uniquely qualified to facilitate even the most complex inventories.

Repair Depot

Our team has a proven history of conducting electronic and mechanical repairs to OEM specifications and ensuring that any repaired equipment is compatible and properly configured for a customer’s needs. At Haight Bey we pride ourselves on the relationships we have fostered with various OEMs, which gives us unparalleled access to anything from spare parts, factory level repair training, calibration, and preferred pricing. These advantages have resulted in faster repair turnaround times and reduced repair costs, resulting in an increased system operation availability at a reduced cost for the customer.

Requirements and Test

Systems Engineering Utah
“Haight Bey’s qualified Systems Engineers have decades of experience working on US Department of Defense programs. We can help with all phases of your project lifecycle, including:

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