We Understand the Requirements

As a small-business currently executing US Government contracts, we are in the same boat as your organization.  We understand the unique cybersecurity requirements that US and State Governments have placed on their contractors and vendors, such as those in the DFARS, and we understand the challenges of meeting those requirements with the limited resources available to a small business.  We’ve overcome these challenges within our own organization and IT systems, and have helped other organizations do the same.

Our Approach—Cybersecurity Empowerment

Haight Bey & Associates is in the “Cybersecurity Empowerment” business.  We’re here to help teach your organization how to “live healthy” from a cybersecurity standpoint, so you can certify to the US/State Government that you meet its requirements and can continue to do so indefinitely—and keep on winning contracts.  To this end, approaching cybersecurity as a risk management exercise is critical to obtaining a clean cybersecurity “bill of health”:

1.      Risk Analysis: We’ll start with a risk analysis to determine existing risks—the probability that an real threat can exploit a vulnerability in your system—to your organization and IT systems. 

2.      Gap Assessment: Then we’ll perform a gap assessment against any requirements your organization needs to meet, to determine what your organization currently does well, and where you need to shore up cybersecurity configuration and managerial/operational processes.

3.      Mitigation Plan: Next we’ll help you create a plan to implement risk mitigation strategies, focusing on cost-effective and open-source solutions.  Haight Bey is product and tool agnostic, and we recognize many enterprise-level cybersecurity products are simply priced out-of-reach for most small businesses.  Luckily there are myriad low-cost and free tools we can help implement to close specific gaps.  Knowledge of and experience with these low-cost tools is a major differentiator for Haight Bey.

4.      Implementation and V&V: We’ll help you execute the plan, starting with the most critical mitigations, and show you how to perform a follow-up validation and verification (V&V) that the mitigations have been implemented properly.

5.      Empowerment: Finally, we’ll create a program to make steps 1-4 continuously repeatable by your organization itself, thus empowering your organization to be self-sufficient from a cybersecurity standpoint.

How To Get Started

Contact Us to set up an appointment.  We are based in Utah, and are capable of and willing to provide our services anywhere in the world.  We’ll come to you and we’ll start by listening to your needs, and expand into a discussion of where you’d like to go with your cybersecurity program.  If it looks like we can help, we’ll provide you with a free estimate.  With our experience and unique approach, our cost is often an order-of-magnitude lower than our competitors.

Not even sure if your organization is subject to requirements?  Think your organization is relatively healthy from a cybersecurity standpoint, but interested in a second opinion?  Give us a call anytime:  Cybersecurity Empowerment is our passion, and we are happy to share ideas.

Cybersecurity is a critical business skill for any organization. For-profit companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations all require IT security professionals who are technologically proficient. At Haight Bey & Associates, our skilled experts will provide custom cybersecurity solutions that can help you stay one step ahead of cyber attackers and protect critical company and customer information.

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